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Reformer resume 26/4/21!
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Welcome to TYPP!

We are delighted that you've found us!

TYPP is a large Pilates Rehab studio based in Glasgow specialising in Reformer Pilates and Posture Correction. 

In addition, we also offer Private Podiatry, Posture, Pilates and Rehab Clinics. 

More info can be found about our reopening can be found in the video below.


** Getting Started with Reformer Pilates at TYPP: book in now for our Beginner's Reformer Course (1-1 with an instructor).

Existing TYPP Clients returning after lockdown: MUST complete a phased return before rejoining our Group Reformer Classes on 26th April 21.**

Join us now online - TYPP Anytime  

Participate in our vast collection of online Yoga, Mat Pilates & Posture classes. 

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How to start Pilates Reformer at TYPP

The only way to access our classes in person is by completing our Beginner's Course:

Beginner's Course: 1-1 basis (Bookings open from 26th April)



Beginners Course: Group (Course Dates open for May 2021)



Existing Clients: How to return to TYPP if you have not been since March 2020

To safely return to Group Classes you must complete a phased return session. Please click below to view the different options depending on what tier Glasgow is in. 

View Phased Return process for TYPP Clients