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Welcome to TYPP!

TYPP is a large comprehensive Pilates studio and Rehab Clinic, based in Glasgow, specialising in:

  • Pilates Reformer (Group & 1-1 tuition)
  • Podiatry Clinic
  • Posture Correction
  • Pre and PostNatal exercise
  • Rehab Clinic: MSK injuries
  • Shockwave Therapy


** Getting Started with Reformer Pilates at TYPP: book in now for our Beginner's Reformer Course (1-1 with an instructor).

Existing TYPP Clients returning after lockdown: MUST complete a phased return before rejoining our Group Reformer Classes**

Get started!

All new clients must complete our Pilates Reformer Beginner's Reformer Course:

Beginner's Course: 1-1 basis 

(available now!) 


Beginner's Course: Group  

 (book in now for courses in May 2021)


Existing Clients: 

To safely return to Group Classes after lockdown, you must complete a phased return session:

View Phased Return process for TYPP Clients

Join us now online - TYPP Anytime  

Participate in our vast collection of online Yoga, Mat Pilates & Posture classes. 

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