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Based in Glasgow, we are Scotland's largest and most equipped Pilates studio offering a wide range of Yoga & Pilates classes as well as 1-1 manual therapies.

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"TYPP absolutely changed the way I look at my health. No longer is my physical & mental health something out of reach, but instead something tangible that I can feel and see improving with every single session."

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Always wanted to try Reformer Pilates? Please have a look in here for the next up and coming date to come and try. 

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Focus on the Feet 

The Foot, Knee, Hip Connection - the live workshop you have been waiting for.  

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We are a fully equipped Pilates studio  (just like the equipment Joseph Pilates worked with in his New York studio) offering:

- Reformer Pilates
- Mat based Pilates 
- Clinical Pilates

All levels and abilities are looked after in our sessions. 

Pilates at TYPP
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At TYPP with have different kinds of Yoga:

- Ashtanga Yoga
- Posture Yoga 
- Vinyasa Yoga
- Yoga Flow

All levels and abilities are looked after in our sessions. 

Yoga at TYPP
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Some clients prefer to have their tuition on a 1-1 basis, some do a mix of classes plus 1-1s. Excellent if you have injuries.

You can book 1-1 appointments with all of our instructors or with studio owner SJ below

Clinical with SJ
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As a new client to TYPP come and try us for free. Take a Pilates Mat Class, Posture Pilates or one of the Yoga sessions. 

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We often hold trial session to allow you to have a trial on the reformer. Trials are only £5. Booking is required. 

Trial Reformer

Sing along with Linda and SJ - Linda is back from her operation 🥰

What makes TYPP in Glasgow the place to go to for Pilates and Yoga?

Pilates doesn’t work! 😠

Why would I want to do Pilates on a one to one basis?

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