We have added Fridays to the timetable.

We are open on Fridays for classes

You can see the full timetable here 

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New 12 hour Cancellation window and 14 day booking open.

New 12 hour cancellation window

In this weeks update SJ goes over how we are getting ready to open more up. The highlights include;

  • 12 hour cancellation window now active
  • 14 day advanced bookings now open for classes
  • More classes being added
  • More days opening up
  • Mat classes coming back
  • Monday classic reformer class moving from 12pm to 11.30am
  • Look over what replay is and how to use



See you in classes soon!


Team TYPP 

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No Reformer PPE required

covid ppe reformer pilates Jul 16, 2021

Mian Points:

  • Reformer PPE not required, now optional
  • No Screens
  • No temperature checks
  • New Tower
  • New Tower on Replays
  • And a big thanks from us at TYPP for being so amazing these last 18 months :-)




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At last we can start to get sessions going

covid reformer Jul 16, 2021

If you are returning to us please take 10 min to find out how you return to us. 

  • We now do not require the phased return.
  • You can return now.
  • There is no need to put on the Reformer PPE. But you can if you wish, these cost £10 available in-house. 
  • You will have any store credit now activated as class credits on your studio bookings account - go login to your account here and get booking in


For those of you that need to reset your kajabi course area password for access to the TYPP Anytime classes and the beginner's Reformer Course material. 

Click this link  You can reset your password on that page. 

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Great News!

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2021

We are opening 



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What you can do now to get ready for TYPP Opening Soon

All the details on what you can do with us now before the classes are back!

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On Demand Classes at TYPP

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2021

Join us for on-demand https://www.typp.co.uk/on-demand

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New Details on opening and replay sessions

glasgow pilates Mar 07, 2021

New members Reformer On Demand area added to TYPP Anytime membership.

We are getting ready for you returning.

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Getting started with Pilates if you are a beginner 😁

What is the best way to get started with pilates if you are a beginner? 

The honest answer here is there isn't an exact answer to this question - different clients prefer and respond better to different methods. Some have injuries and may require more 1-1 attention, while others much prefer group sessions. It really does come down to you and what you need and what works best for you and how you learn. Why is it you want to take up Pilates, what is it you hope to achieve?

Think about those questions. What do you need us to help you with? Once you have that in your mind - take a few minutes to go through the different ways you can get started and whats best for you. 

1-1 Pilates 

This is always going to be the best option. Its all about you, your body your needs - but it does come with a price tag and that tag is not always realistic for everyone. 

Best of both worlds (Mix of 1-1 and Group)

This is a brilliant option, and exactly what Margaret has been doing for a...

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