Getting started with Pilates if you are a beginner 😁

What is the best way to get started with pilates if you are a beginner? 

The honest answer here is there isn't an exact answer to this question - different clients prefer and respond better to different methods. Some have injuries and may require more 1-1 attention, while others much prefer group sessions. It really does come down to you and what you need and what works best for you and how you learn. Why is it you want to take up Pilates, what is it you hope to achieve?

Think about those questions. What do you need us to help you with? Once you have that in your mind - take a few minutes to go through the different ways you can get started and whats best for you. 

1-1 Pilates 

This is always going to be the best option. Its all about you, your body your needs - but it does come with a price tag and that tag is not always realistic for everyone. 

Best of both worlds (Mix of 1-1 and Group)

This is a brilliant option, and exactly what Margaret has been doing for a few years with us.

Margaret came with long term back pain and was also starting to get some issues with her shoulders.

Margaret is a member she attends group classes very regularly but also gets private work on a 1-1 basis often to compliment the group classes she is doing - and it works so well for her - so much so she no longer has back pain - and her shoulders are lots better. If you want to hear direct from Margaret about how she is getting on and the results she has got - click this link to hear from her direct. 


Group Classes

Within TYPP we offer Studio Reformer Pilates (Max 10 clients), Semi-Private Reformer (Max 5 clients) and Private sessions.

We get asked all the time what one is better and what is best to start with. If you are new to Pilates we love to get you on the Reformer - this is because the machine helps you. It helps you feel Pilates and get Pilates in your body.

Mat-work is also great and we want you to do both Matwork and the Reformer, just as Joe Pilates intended when he created Pilates. We offer Mat class online with our live virtual and our on-demand - details can be found here 

If we had to choose - we would advise you to start on the Reformer.  

A great example of one of our clients who has just excelled in her Pilates is Fiona.

Fiona came to us - really not enjoying exercise - she just hadn’t had good experiences with it and it had been years since she had done anything.

Fiona AKA Fi wanted to work on her health and wellbeing, look after herself,  and begin to build her strength and flexibility. She started with the 1-1 going through her 1-1 session on the reformer and then went onto studio reformer classes.

Fi started with Reformer but she soon started attending other classes (her package allowed her to attend any of the classes we deliver) and this is now part of Fi's life.

Fi kindly gave us a little interview on her journey - If you want to listen to her experience and how she has got on, you can do so by clicking here. 


If you want to get started with Pilates at TYPP, here is how; 

  1. Want to try Reformer? If you would like to come to a class we regularly hold a trial  session on the Reformer - you can get all the dates and information here of the next one we are holding 
  2. After you have been to a trial or you know you want to get started then you can join us on our 4-week Beginners Pilates Reformer Course 
  3. Want to do Mat Pilates? you can join TYPP anytime for Mat classes with us on-demand here 
  4. Want to jump right in and get started you can book the next Pilates Beginners Course here  

Sarah Jane & Team #TYPP 


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