What makes TYPP in Glasgow the place to go to for Pilates and Yoga?

We have been thinking about this - what makes TYPP, TYPP? Why would you want to spend any time here? And what can we do to help you?

I think it's important I start with who we aren't and who we don't serve, as that will hopefully give you a flavour of who we are.

We're located in Kinning Park - it's a small private studio where we offer Pilates and Yoga services. Within the studio is home to the clinic - the clinic provides Podiatry, Sports/Remedial Therapy, Posture, Biomechanics analysis and complimentary services.

Our USP is we aim to fix broken bodies in a friendly professional, inclusive, relaxed non-judgmental space.

Who we aren't and who we don't serve

We aren't huge, and we don't have a bar, cafe or beautiful huge changing facilities if you want big fancy pants facilities - we aren't for you.

We don't have lots of gym people that may like to pose in the mirror, or flex their biceps at every opportunity, in fact, we have minimal mirrors in the studio - No instagram budding influences positioning their camera to pose for the best Instagram pose... now to be fair we do love instagram and we love it when the TYPP community snap away - but what we mean is we don't have any weird posing to represent that perfect perfection... we keep it real.

No intimidation, no-body beautiful, no judging  - just relaxed professional and friendly.

Who we do serve and what we help you with

Okay, this is the fun stuff, if you want to move, feel and look better in yourself - consider us.

We are fully equipped Pilates studio - that just means we have all of the Joe Pilates equipment and offer the studio pilates sessions you would expect to find if you attended any pilates studio around the world (not just Mat Pilates)

If you are in pain, if you have poor posture - if you have tried everything and nothing seems to work, you are at the end of that frustration road, and you are sick of feeling blah... your body, your core, your focus - you feel like you're running on empty. We get  a lot of professional clients in the door that want to feel like their body isn’t giving up on them. Many with neck, shoulder  and the annoying back pain. We are here to help you.  Our mission is to have you Moving, Feeling and Looking better. 

We have an great diverse group of professionals that work in TYPP - from Physical Therapist, Complementary Therapist, Yoga and Pilates Teachers, Podiatrist & Posture Expert - we are well equipped to help you - and if we are not the best fit to help you - rest assured we will refer you on.  You are our priority. 

Come on in, let us help you fill that energy stock back up, reduce any pain and have you feeling like yourself. You will be amazed at just how great you will feel.

Types of Classes we offer

The classes are suitable for any level however if you have never done Yoga before - the Astanga class might be a bit much for your first session.  Try Vinyasa Flow or the Posture Yoga 🧘‍♀️ 

In terms of Pilates we have Reformer and Mat Pilates. Believe it or not the best place to start as a beginner is on the reformer - we have regular trials on it - I've put the link to the next trial below. Mat Pilates is also great - but it can be quite hard to wrap your head around and get the benefit from it. We allow you to go into the Mat based classes without a 1-1 session - but we would always recommend you get some personal tuition to get the most out of it. I wrote a full blog on 1-1 and what they are good for if your interested in finding out. 

The last type of classes we offer are called Speciality classes - these are like small group personal training sessions. A little bit more expensive due to the smaller numbers and more specific focus - so if you have back pain - we have the Back Care session, if you have Posture problems - we have the Posture session, and we have the Mixed Equipment speciality - this allows you to work on all the pilates equipment - not just the Reformer.

If you just don't know what you need - message us over here 

Fi who came to TYPP very sceptical - had been and tried many different forms of exercise over the years. For Fi it has completely changed her life. 

Come try us for FREE

If you want to come in and just road test us out - have a FREE Mat class on us here

If you want to give that weird-looking machine (Pilates Reformer) a try - then book the next trial suitable for all levels.

Or if you have something  specific you want to get help with like, your Posture, or you have an injury  - then pop over here 

We would love to meet you and see if we can help you feel, move and look better!

SJ and team TYPP



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