Details on how we are opening on Monday

Uncategorized Aug 24, 2020


This is the details of the launch



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TYPP opening back up, how we slowly get you back into sessions

Okay so yip COVID is here and we have had to make some huge changes in TYPP. Some f you reading this blog may feel sad that the way we used to run things at TYPP has been forced to change -but we hope you can begin to see. - things going forward might just be even better.

These last few months have been scary and crazy - I'm sure you have experienced that too in your own circumstances. Here in TYPP, we have been busy. Our thought was to try and use this time to completely refurb TYPP and refurb we have.

We knew we had to change things to get TYPP ready for opening - first on the list was the refurb of the Reformers. Rob from Categoryof who looks after our maintenance in the studio - has gone above and beyond our expectations. We needed the machines to be easily wipeable - this meant a full refurb. 

Every machine has been fully refurbished and is perfect and ready for when we can open. And we love the new colour

Along with the refurbished reformers, the full studio has been...

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Latest update from the Government and what that means for us at TYPP

covid glasgow opening typp Jul 22, 2020

What the latest info from the government means for us at TYPP and you coming into classes. 

For the details on how we are opening please see the phased opening here 

We are working on the opening timetable - you can see the latest timetable here 

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Pilates doesn’t work! 😠

Twenty years of teaching, I've heard this a multitude of times.

"Pilates didn't work for me."

Why is it Pilates just doesn’t work for some people?

Why is it some people don't seem to get results from Pilates? I've seen and personally worked with many thousands of clients that have had amazing results - yet there's this group of people that don't seem to get results, or hate the experience of Pilates.

I thought it was a good idea to reach out to other Pilates professionals all over the UK, as well as our team here in TYPP to help me answer this.

Here's what the Pilates experts around the UK say

Hannah Epps from sent over the list below. Reading it, a few of these stood out to me. Number 7, the goals of the client and has there been any 1-1? The serious difficulty for many is the cost associated with 1-1 - and let's face it, Pilates isn’t  cheap, especially 1-1 sessions - however, it's understanding the value. How we choose to spend money...

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Is Pilates the Same as Yoga? What is Pilates really?


The principles of Pilates.

Vital in understanding what makes Pilates, Pilates.

Many people ask if Pilates is the same as yoga. No. What makes Pilates are the principles.

There are nine principles of Pilates.

1 Breath

The first principle is breath, everything starts as the first thing we do when we're born. It feeds every cell in our body. Without breathing, you're not doing Pilates. It's essential when you are practising your Pilates work, that breath is very much part of this. You're not holding your breath. So you must commit and learn to breathe, this will be an ongoing process. It will take time. But it's part of those principles of Pilates, and it's part of that learning for you.

2 Concentration

The second principle is concentration to focus in and be focused on that movement and feel that movement and be in that movement. If you have no concentration, you're not present in that movement. This will allow you to switch off from the usual daily stresses of life, connecting the...

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Sing along with Linda and SJ - Linda is back from her operation 🥰


Linda is back!

Linda is delighted to have her new hip and be recovering great! back to classes at TYPP from the 6th Jan 2020.

Linda will take a little longer before  she is back to the Mat Pilates class - so you will notice early January the Mat Pilates classes with Linda have been switched about - but towards the mid/end of the month she will be back on that mat to challenge you all. 

It must be a hip thing - I'm next

Me (SJ) I've been struggling with my left hip and just yesterday (21th December) the consultant told me I would need to have my full left hip replaced so hand your stick over Linda... I'll need to borrow it... well for a few weeks anyway. Pre-op rehab here I come and post-op for the fabulous Linda

Join Linda and SJ in this little Christmas new hip number Merry Christmas!

Get booking your 2020 classes 

Make sure you pop on and get booking for your 2020 classes. 


PPS New date for the focus on the Feet, the Knee Hip connection are...

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What makes TYPP in Glasgow the place to go to for Pilates and Yoga?

We have been thinking about this - what makes TYPP, TYPP? Why would you want to spend any time here? And what can we do to help you?

I think it's important I start with who we aren't and who we don't serve, as that will hopefully give you a flavour of who we are.

We're located in Kinning Park - it's a small private studio where we offer Pilates and Yoga services. Within the studio is home to the clinic - the clinic provides Podiatry, Sports/Remedial Therapy, Posture, Biomechanics analysis and complimentary services.

Our USP is we aim to fix broken bodies in a friendly professional, inclusive, relaxed non-judgmental space.

Who we aren't and who we don't serve

We aren't huge, and we don't have a bar, cafe or beautiful huge changing facilities if you want big fancy pants facilities - we aren't for you.

We don't have lots of gym people that may like to pose in the mirror, or flex their biceps at every opportunity, in fact, we have minimal mirrors in the studio - No instagram budding...

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Why would I want to do Pilates on a one to one basis?


A question we get asked lots in the studio is, “Why would I want to do Pilates on a one to one basis when you've so many great group classes on the timetable and it’s so much more expensive for a one to one session?”

The truth is, that one to one sessions are very specific to you. Group classes aren't. That really is the massive difference. 

An example of the power of an individual specific approach is when Susan came into see me for her hip problem, she's a hockey player and was getting lots of issues with her hip that meant she was having to spend more time on the bench than the pitch. She needed to get back on the pitch and - by the time I saw her she was frustrated. Susan came in, had an individual approach to her training and the results... well why don't you take a moment to hear from Susan herself  

She got an individual plan and got back on the pitch! It's important I'm clear should - Susan did have to put in the work -...

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Why bother bringing your own mat to Pilates or Yoga?

Uncategorized Jul 24, 2019

I need to say this - get your own mat. If there were one thing I would recommend you invest in - it's a mat. Our mats are a place we move, sweat, cry and find peace As you nestle down into swan pose with your face pretty much on the mat, connecting with that mat and yourself, your energy on the mat and your scent. Just think how much you want to be connecting with your own space, scent and energy.

Here at TYPP we offer free use of our mats when you attend a class, each mat is disinfected after each use - but even then there is something to be said about having your own.

We have Lululemon mats here in TYPP

Lulu mats are great, made of natural rubber, and thankfully have an antimicrobial additive that helps prevent mould and mildew. As much as lulu mats are awesome - it's not your own mat. The mats we have in TYPP come in different sizes, thickness and colours. Some people love a really thick mat - like a big mattress, others like to feel more connected to the earth and want to be on...

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