Is Pilates the Same as Yoga? What is Pilates really?


The principles of Pilates.

Vital in understanding what makes Pilates, Pilates.

Many people ask if Pilates is the same as yoga. No. What makes Pilates are the principles.

There are nine principles of Pilates.

1 Breath

The first principle is breath, everything starts as the first thing we do when we're born. It feeds every cell in our body. Without breathing, you're not doing Pilates. It's essential when you are practising your Pilates work, that breath is very much part of this. You're not holding your breath. So you must commit and learn to breathe, this will be an ongoing process. It will take time. But it's part of those principles of Pilates, and it's part of that learning for you.

2 Concentration

The second principle is concentration to focus in and be focused on that movement and feel that movement and be in that movement. If you have no concentration, you're not present in that movement. This will allow you to switch off from the usual daily stresses of life, connecting the...

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