No Reformer PPE required

covid ppe reformer pilates Jul 16, 2021

Mian Points:

  • Reformer PPE not required, now optional
  • No Screens
  • No temperature checks
  • New Tower
  • New Tower on Replays
  • And a big thanks from us at TYPP for being so amazing these last 18 months :-)




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At last we can start to get sessions going

covid reformer Jul 16, 2021

If you are returning to us please take 10 min to find out how you return to us. 

  • We now do not require the phased return.
  • You can return now.
  • There is no need to put on the Reformer PPE. But you can if you wish, these cost £10 available in-house. 
  • You will have any store credit now activated as class credits on your studio bookings account - go login to your account here and get booking in


For those of you that need to reset your kajabi course area password for access to the TYPP Anytime classes and the beginner's Reformer Course material. 

Click this link  You can reset your password on that page. 

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What you can do now to get ready for TYPP Opening Soon

All the details on what you can do with us now before the classes are back!

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TYPP opening back up, how we slowly get you back into sessions

Okay so yip COVID is here and we have had to make some huge changes in TYPP. Some f you reading this blog may feel sad that the way we used to run things at TYPP has been forced to change -but we hope you can begin to see. - things going forward might just be even better.

These last few months have been scary and crazy - I'm sure you have experienced that too in your own circumstances. Here in TYPP, we have been busy. Our thought was to try and use this time to completely refurb TYPP and refurb we have.

We knew we had to change things to get TYPP ready for opening - first on the list was the refurb of the Reformers. Rob from Categoryof who looks after our maintenance in the studio - has gone above and beyond our expectations. We needed the machines to be easily wipeable - this meant a full refurb. 

Every machine has been fully refurbished and is perfect and ready for when we can open. And we love the new colour

Along with the refurbished reformers, the full studio has been...

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Latest update from the Government and what that means for us at TYPP

covid glasgow opening typp Jul 22, 2020

What the latest info from the government means for us at TYPP and you coming into classes. 

For the details on how we are opening please see the phased opening here 

We are working on the opening timetable - you can see the latest timetable here 

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