Getting started with Pilates if you are a beginner


What is the best way to get started with pilates if you are a beginner?

The honest answer here is there isn't an exact answer to this question - different  clients  prefer and respond  better to different  methods. Some have injuries and may require  more 1-1 attention, while others much  prefer group  sessions. It really does come down to you and what you need and what works best for you and how you learn. Why is it you want to take up Pilates, what is it you hope to achieve?

Think about those questions. What do you need us to help you with? Once you have that in your mind - take a few minutes to go through the different ways you can get started and whats best for you. 

1-1 Pilates 

This is always going to be the best option. Its all about you, your body your needs - but it does come with a price tag and that tag is not always realistic for everyone. If you are interested in knowing the main differences between group classes and 1-1...

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