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Needing a more structured approach? 


Many clients come to us with medical conditions and or more ongoing MSK challenges. 

We have structured 1-1 packages  that include clinical postural MSK screening to allow us to get the full picture of your needs and then build your rehab.  Each client is different - there are packages starting from £49 every 4 weeks. 

These packages join up your care with clinical physical therapy and movement rehab. 

Plan options



PER 4 weeks

Initial MSK Posture assessment, there after apt every 4 weeks with SJ

Home Rehab Plan

1 x Clinic Group Session p/w

12 weeks to better posture online course




PER 4 weeks

Everything in BRONZE 

1 x weekly Pilates 1-1 designed for your specific needs with joined up clinical and pilates rehab.

1 x apt with SJ every 4 weeks for manual therapy as required. 





PER 4 weeks

Everything in BRONZE & SILVER

This package has a weekly apt with SJ for manual therapy.

Includes from the silver package a weekly Pilates 1-1.



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