Free Mat Class


We teach two types of pilates at TYPP:

  • Reformer Pilates - using the Pilates Reformer Machine
  • Mat Pilates - mat based Pilates in our Mat Room utilising lots of pilates props


The classes that we offer are:

  • Group Reformer Classes (£18)
  • Mat Pilates Classes (£12)
  • Speciality Reformer Classes: Clinical Posture (£14)

Classes are suitable for all levels to get started with as long as you have no complex injuries or medical conditions.

If you have more complex needs our small Clinical Posture speciality classes would be worthwhile. You can also book in for a MSK assessment if you feel you need guidance. 

Info about Pilates Classes

Group Reformer Classes

We have 16 reformer machines at TYPP and teach 3 different types of Reformer classes* - Reformer Classic, Reformer Tone, and Reformer Mobilise & Stretch.

Reformer is suitable if you have no injuries.

*All clients must complete a 1-1 Reformer Fundamentals prior to attending Group Classes.

Reformer Pilates

Mat Pilates 

Our Mat classes are suitable for all levels. We offer a selection of Pilates including beginners Mat classes and mixed ability classes.  Your first Mat class with us here in TYPP is FREE. If you would like to come and try and Mat class with us - pop over here and claim a class for FREE.



Speciality (Clinical Posture) Small Group 

These sessions are for clients  that need smaller classes. You possibly have injuries or a health condition. These sessions are called Clinical Posture Small Group Classes. Click below for more information on these. 


Speciality Classes

Book in for an MSK Postural assessment

You possibly have injuries or a medical condition that means you need a little bit more hands on care and guidance. That does not mean you can't attend our classes - it  may just be you need some help to get your there. 


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