Private Pilates 

We are delighted to offer Private Pilates Membership. Have the freedom of choice of when you choose to come in and have your session in an individual setting focused on your needs.

As an exclusive 1-1 member you not only get your 1-1 sessions but you get access to the Pilates Playroom reformer on demand bookings - you will receive 4 bookings credits to allow you to come in and use the reformer on demand. 

Attend for 4 sessions in the month and have exclusive VIP treatment looking after your health and wellness needs.

Member benefits include;

  • 4 Private 1-1 sessions per billing period 
  • 4 Pilates Playroom sessions per billing period
  • 25% Members Discount off Podiatry, Physical Therapy, Biomechanics, Orthotics.


  • Cost:  £190 per month 
Join as a 1-1 Member


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For 20 years back pain was a daily struggle. No longer. I am stronger, more supple and no longer have back pain after 20 years of suffering.

~Mags Conner

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I love this studio. I had a break away for some time and missed the studio so much. I began a career in fitness myself and have since carried a fair share of injuries. Coming back to the studio has helped me switch on more awareness to my body and really help me. Thanks to Linda who I have been regularly going to on a Monday and Wednesday morning class, I just love her. She is wonderful. The way she teaches, delivers her classes and they are fun too. Always puts a smile on my face and I look forward to coming. Thank you Linda 🥰 Everyone is fab at the studio. It really is the best xx

~Claire Cochrane

To the team at Yoga & Pilates Place you are not just another number. They work with you and you matter to them. Instructions are clear, classes are fun, sessions are informative.

~Karen Ferguson