TYPP is open! 


New Clients: Please complete our Pilates Reformer Beginner's Course in order to attend Group Classes

Existing Clients: If you have not been in the studio since 2020, you must complete a 1 hr Phased Return Session - either on a 1-1 basis (book in now) or in a Group Setting (when in Tier 2).

Mat Classes, we do not have any more information on returning Yoga or Mat Pilates at this date. We would hope to be able to return some Yoga and Mat Pilates in the future as Covid settles. However, we are still online delivering these you can get more information on TYPP Anytime here 


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How we are phasing the opening

The World as we know it has changed around us. We have had to come to terms with it and accept the way thing used to be is not the way they can be in this new Covid-19 World. We have had to make some huge changes to make the possibility of re-opening on any level safe and practical. 

Our Phased Opening 

We would love to be able to just open our doors and welcome you all, but we can't. We have to do this sensibly and safely. 

We will have 3 phases to our opening in line with the new Scottish Government Covid Tier System:

  • Phase 1 - Tier 3> 1-1 return only
  • Phase 2 - Tier <2 small group returns (see timetable as these are running now)
  • Phase 3 - Tier <2 group returns

You can choose to come on any of these phases - or if you're not ready to come back in yet - then sit tight. We will stay up-to-date with what the government guidelines are and keep you up-to-date.

Phased Return for Existing TYPP Clients

1-1 for Phase 1 (Scottish Gov't Tier 3 and below)


Booking Open Now!

  • 1-1 in TYPP studio
  • Private tour 
  • Reformer refresher
  • Reformer PPE Kit 
  • Access to TYPP right away

Phase 2 (Scottish Gov't below Tier 2)


(Tier 2 only)

  • Small group session in TYPP (max 5 people)
  • Small-group tour 
  • Reformer refresher (small group)
  • Reformer PPE Kit 
  • Access to classes
Next Date is 12th June 1pm

Phase 3 (Scottish Gov't below Tier 1)


(Tier 1)

  • Studio Reformer session at TYPP
  • Group of 8-10 tour 
  • Reformer refresher (8-10 in group)
  • Reformer PPE Kit
  • Access to classes
Bookings not open until Tier 1