How exciting! 

Yes! We are re-opening for classes September 2020 and we are thrilled to invite you to come to the all new, all safe, ready for you - TYPP. 

Existing clients get access first to limited spaces to get back safely into TYPP. 

The new TYPP; are you ready...


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How we are phasing the opening

The World as we know it has changed around us. We have had to come to terms with it and accept the way thing used to be is not the way they can be in this new Covid-19 World. We have had to make some huge changes to make the possibility of re-opening on any level safe and practical. 

Our Phased Opening 

We would love to be able to just open our doors and welcome you all, but we can't. We have to do this sensibly and safely. 

We will have 3 phases to our opening:

  • Phase 1 - August/Early September
  • Phase 2 - October 
  • Phase 3 - Late October/November

You can choose to come on any of these phases - or if your not ready to come back in yet - then sit tight. We will stay up-to-date with what the government guidelines are and keep you up-to-date.


Our timeline to opening

We have put this together after an immense amount of effort, risk assessments and problem solving. We wanted to try and be fair and feasible, but most important be sure you don't lose out on you purchase value pre-covid.  If your class passes expired over the months we have had to close we will be honouring the value of this. 

Your safety and that of our team have to come first before anything else. This phased opening will allow our dedicated team here at TYPP be able to safely welcome you in.  

We have not just been delivering classes online for you over lockdown - we have been so busy refurbishing the studio and having every single reformer refurbished. The place is looking the best it ever has - we can't wait to welcome you in. 

The old way we ran our classes, due to social distancing - this is impossible to run in this way with COVID - this has meant we have had to restructure everything. The classes we offer will now have less than half the size, some have max 5 in them as opposed to 17. This does mean we have no option but to charge more for classes - days of unlimited mat classes in person can't happen as having up-to 30 people in a class would be dangerous - however all Mat classes will be live streamed and you will also have access to the TYPP Anytime replay members area if you are a member. We will continue to monitor the government guidelines on this. 

Even tho it sounds sad that the old way can be no more - we are excited to share what we have created - the sessions, options and flexibility we have for you - we think is even better!


What to book?

If you are keen to get back in, in person then the VIP phase one is your best option. If you have a look at the info graphic - it will show you the options and the estimated timelines. 

The 3 phases are:

  • Phase 1 - August
  • Phase 2 - September 
  • Phase 3 - October

If you are not ready to come back, this is not a problem - you do not need to do anything until Dec 2020. These phased openings with Reformer PPE pack will only be required as long as COVID is a risk. If you refer to to use any store credit for individual sessions or bubble sessions - this also possible. 

Back Stage VIP Pass


Limited space open July/Aug

  • 1-1 in TYPP studio
  • Private tour 
  • Reformer refresher
  • Reformer PPE Kit 
  • First access to Phase 1 classes

TYPP Phase 2


Bookings open September 2020

  • Small group session in TYPP (max 5 people)
  • Small group tour 
  • Reformer refresher (small group)
  • Reformer PPE Kit 
  • Phase 2 access to classes

TYPP Phase 3


Bookings open October 2020

  • Studio Reformer session at TYPP
  • Group of 8-10tour 
  • Reformer refresher (8-10 in group)
  • Reformer PPE Kit
  • Phase 3 access to classes